Embrace technology and innovation, or prepare to be left behind

Current research undertaken has revealed that over 60% of event planners in 2018 still don’t use any type of event management software.

The industry is currently split in two:

  • Planners that embrace technology and innovation.
  • Planners who resist any change to their planning, engagement or project management processes.

Change-resistant planners expose themselves to becoming less relevant in the long term.

As the array of event planning tools and technologies continues to evolve, so must event planners.

It comes down to courage. And competition. A modern event program is inconceivable without software support, solid data, and due diligence in considering new and effective forms of education and engagement delivery.

At the end of the day, those who don’t keep up with innovations that empower them to make more strategic decisions will be left behind. Simple list executers are becoming increasingly replaceable, and will find it increasingly more difficult to compete on the job market.

Increased Tech Adoption

The best way for planners to get ahead of the innovation curve is by staying abreast of event technology. 

As it becomes more ubiquitous, it becomes easier to use, and event professionals will increasingly depend on it to plan and execute events.

Technology empowers us with the time and information needed to take a more strategic approach to our roles and as better tools emerge to help our day-to-day activities, we’ll have more and more time to find new ways to add value. In the future, that value will depend on data.

We can now measure metrics of engagement, satisfaction, learning success and efficiency in much more depth than before. Knowing what works (and what doesn’t) is paramount to translating failures and missed opportunities into better events. 

The ability to make sense of this data is becoming more important and planners in this market are accountable for the ROI of their events and their YOY improvements with specific, measurable data.

Don’t confuse live experiences with live entertainment

We attend events for several reasons. When it gets to business events, we can see that there are two key needs: education and networking.

The rise of event experiences is deeply affecting how planners deliver on these objectives. There is a growing misconception that creating a show helps attendees to learn or connect. Many event professionals tackle experiences appealing to the wrong side of the brain, favouring stunts and entertainment (jugglers, magicians, fire breathers, live bands, etc.) over opportunities for learning and connection with the brand creating an experience that resonates on a deep emotional level.

Confusing live experiences with live entertainment is a trivial mistake that will set apart true strategists from those who open up a Google tab and search for ’creative ideas to entertain audiences’.

Enabling your Brand Ambassador

You probably know that word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. 

Though word of mouth is organic, you should definitely be implementing a sort of social referral program, much like big-name startups such as Airbnb and Uber.  By implementing referral programs, attendees have the opportunity to offer discounts or other incentives to their colleagues while also potential getting money back from their already purchased ticket. 

This lets those organisers reach new audiences and and turn attendees into event ambassadors. Successful organisers identify, reward and enjoy the power of advocate marketing.

By embracing technology and innovation event organisers can create bespoke personal “experiences”. They personalise their message, humanise their voice and make sure they communicate to the right audience. 

Those organisers speak the language of their attendees and interact where they are – on the go. They use the power of advocate marketing and make sure they are focused on the most important tasks – they automate or outsource the rest. The most successful organisers use technology that allows them to create experiences that customers won’t forget. Are you an innovative organiser?

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