Case Study: Wee Dram Fife – A truley unique Whisky Club

What started as an idea at a whisky tasting became a real project for us. Exsenses Limited is now working in collaboration with Wee Dram Fife – Whisky Club to create both, unforgettable and unique whisky events and excursions. In alignment with the club’s philosophy we deliver event concepts and strategies and we created the club’s first website to announce hosted tasting sessions, distillery visits and networking events.

Same like Wee Dram Fife, we believe that “The water of Life” deserves more appreciation in the country where it is getting crafted. Bringing back the origin and tradition of celebrating “Uisge beatha” this platform will bring everyone togeter to chat, philosophize, taste, share and experience whisky with like-minded people. In addition to this the product itself should be experienced with all senses. A true whisky experience.

One of the Scottish Drink & Food industry key priorities is to create memorable experiences and Wee Dram Fife’s offering is at the heart of creating the sort of experiences today’s whisky enthusiast is looking for.

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