Advances in AI for Events you don’t want to miss

Artificial Intelligence is quickly taking over many aspects of our lives and it’s is also impacting the event industry.

Some job roles within the events industry are already being affected by the AI revolution for example chatbot programs are replacing the need for temp staff. 

We can only anticipate this trend will affect the whole of the event industry with artificial intelligence enabling automation with various aspects of the job. In fact, tools are already here that replace parts of these jobs already.

As tech is emerging regularly that delivers curated options for everything from event contacts to exhibitors to vendors and suppliers, those who keep ahead  will save time and money so that they can spend resources harnessing valuable relationships with the people behind them.

As AI develops further, it will be able to determine what type of food people enjoy, where footfall is likely to lead people, and even guest’s colour preferences. All of it full of potential for the event industry.

The main concern with AI is event organisers and designers discovering how to use it effectively and to its full potential.

While it’s likely that the most immediate uses of AI will be in data gathering and analysis to improve design so that guests can have a more personal experience, as the face of AI becomes more user friendly we’ll see even more uses.

Chatbots can be used to field questions without the need of a manned support line. Virtual assistants can be placed at events to direct guests where to go and to enhance their experience. What could be better than an assistant at the dining table that can recommend and order cocktails for you?

When combined with smart technology, AI will even be able to read a room. It will then automatically control for temperature, ambience, and lighting as the event unfolds. 

Personalisation using AI

Let’s say you’re an attendee at a 20,000-strong networking event. At a typical networking event, you may be matched manually with other attendees according to a manual form you filled out with your interests. Not only is the match not always a good fit, the entire process is tedious and expensive for event planners to manage.

An AI matchmaking engine can interpret data from social media profiles like LinkedIn and Facebook that attendees would have already populated and recommend people to meet, conference sessions to attend, or even products that would best suit their business interests. 

This not only helps exhibitors get to know their potential customers, they can also use this data to personalise their offerings to attendees.

Improved Data Collection And Analytics

In addition to helping event planners create worthwhile events, and improving the experience for attendees, AI can be used to gain better insights that can be used for future marketing and engagement efforts. Event attendees provide a significant amount of data.

AI can be used in the form of chatbot interfaces, data analytics tools, and recommendation engines to make event planning a much more successful endeavor. Used the right way, these tools can create better experiences, and leave event planners and their clients with very useful insights.

The Future of AI

While nobody is quite certain, we can’t deny that AI will be a big part of our lives for the foreseeable future. We don’t quite see event proffessionals being replaced by machines just yet but we do envision AI taking care of some of the workload. AI and the myriad technologies that support it are advancing at an unprecedented rate and those that miss the boat will be the losers.

In Conclusion

AI and eventtech will continue to grow hand-in-hand over the next few years and we’ll see things we never dreamed of. While we don’t know exactly what the future holds, data shows us that AI is on the rise and eventprofs need to be ready.

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